In response to Public Works and Government Services Canada’s request, the National Research Council of Canada created a guide for the selection of rehabilitation technologies for contaminated sites, designed for project managers from varying departments and agencies with responsibilities related to the monitoring of federal contaminated sites. 

This site was created in order to help project managers in their efforts to restore sites that present potential risks to human health and the environment and are endorsed by the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP).

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the creation and implementation of this site, including:

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Sébastien Yelle

The National Research Council of Canada

Charles Greer

Serge Delisle

Martin Désilets

Jennifer Holdner

David Juck

Karine Drouin

Serge Delisle

Paul-Olivier Trudeau

Josée Thibodeau

Suzanne Labelle

Magalie Turgeon

Josée Sirois

Olivia Wojciechowicz

Nancy-Lee Fortin

Sébastien Johnson

Claudie Bonnet