GOST is a tool designed to help contaminated sites managers better manage their sites. GOST contains a Technology Selection Tool as well as practical information on technology implementation and site characterization.

The GOST Technology Selection Tool is a questionnaire where users enter site specific parameters and a list of remediation technologies appropriate for their site is returned. Users can then review the Technology Fact Sheets to find more detailed information on the selected technologies or using GOST generated tables, compare key information between technologies. The technology fact sheets also provide a list of recommended laboratory analyses and field trials for Phase II and III assessments to assist in determining whether a technology is appropriate for their site.

Another feature of GOST is the Contaminant Fact Sheets. For each compound, important chemical properties are listed, as well as a description of how it will react in the environment, the principal sources of the contaminant and a brief summary of health and safety considerations.

Under Useful Information, you will find estismated costs of laboratory analyses glossary of terms used in the site and links to relevant websites.